The Rector

Many economies of the world, today, are experiencing downward moments. The supposed world power blocs seem to be fidgeting as a result of the recession brought about by the change in what used to be the familiar to the unfamiliar. The known methods of revamping and resuscitating ailing economies seem to be inefficacious in the prevailing economic comatose of our time. World renown planners have unsuccessfully utilised audacious metrics to revitalize ailing economies. It seems the expected magic never surfaced. The end-results have been unparalleled unemployment, unprecedented security challenges, food shortage, and unrivalled death rate, etc.

Interestingly, the 21st Century is referred to as the jet age evidenced in its shift from the stone mechanisms to digital age characterised by remarkable technological innovation. One of the notable technological advancements is in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as it affects every sphere of human engagements; education, banking, trading, government, entertainment, medicine, aeronautics, etc. The astronomical pace of technological take-over has therefore led to improvement of human life, amelioration of challenges, and when fully deployed can curb the malaise of hunger, ignorance, poverty, youth restiveness, etc that plague our generation.

MIMTECH provides a group venue for the operation and application of practical knowledge to salvage our economy. It is time to be fully and adequately skilled and tooled for self reliance.

Welcome to MIMTECH; the citadel of Skills for Service.